"I find inspiration in nature, architecture, engineering, the poetic metamorphosis of an abandoned industrial site being reclaimed by nature, humanity in a large city - the aether of the Cosmos"



Artist David McGraw stands next to his sculpture “Wilted Corruption” on display at his property off River Road in Forestville, Monday, Feb. 20, 2023. credit: (Beth Schlanker / The Press Democrat)

David McGraw goes by the name Davingy — a contraction of his first two names (David Ingram McGraw) and a witty and whimsical reference to Leonardo DaVinci. He has been creating art under this moniker since he was 25.  

In the summer of 1982, Davingy visited New York’s Museum of Modern Art and knew he was an artist.  It was after this experience that he soon moved to San Francisco where he attended classes at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 1984 he became an original tenant of “The Point” at the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard which would become the largest art colony in the country. 

Originally a painter, McGraw felt confined by the one medium and began experimenting three-dimensionally with welded metal as the foundation.  Davingy began utilizing mixed media, including found objects and recycled materials to further his vision of Bauhaus-inspired “total art”.  He has become mainly known for large, site specific installations.  In 2005 he moved to “The Point’s” satellite industrial studio complex at Islais Creek Studios.  Most recently, Davingy relocated operations to his own facility in San Francisco’s SoMa District.

Some of his early pieces were featured in exhibitions and galleries including an outdoor exhibition at the Oakland Museum, the San Francisco Design Center, several shows and installations throughout Silicon Valley (including the Google Campus) and even Burning Man. McGraw is featured in prominent art collections including the deRosa Preserve, the LEF Foundation, and the Wessinger Collection. The bulk of his recent work (2015-present) are displayed on his properties in Sonoma County.  New pieces are installed periodically. A drive down River Road reveals Davingy’s growing collection of vivid sculptures directly across from Sunset Beach and the Russian River Pub.

The public reacts to the recent profile:

“stupid and pretentious”bbacon

“Blight” -4more

“Wrong setting. Plastic. Ugly” -Mongo

“Keep on driving by, not my taste either, but to each their own. The joys of living in America.” -Debbra


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